Wendl & Lung W161

Played worldwide in conservatories and academies of music, highly rated by technicians and performers alike!


H 102 cm / W 150 cm / L 161 cm

322 Kg


»   The soundboard is made out of matured spruce wood embedded in a precisely glued back frame construction – creating a robust and durable instrument with a full, balanced and rich sound.

»   Climate-proof multi-laminated pin block in combination with a high-tech CNC-produced iron plate assures excellent long-term tuning stability.

»   This unique and innovative construction creates the distinctive Wendl & Lung tone.

»   Our Wendl & Lung precision piano action allows well balanced play ability for Demanding concert pianists.

»   The keyboard is highly resistant to changes in humidity levels.

»   The slow-closing fallboard is child-proof and seamlessly integrated into the case design.

»   The large caster rolls and the sturdy pedal system highlight the exceptional quality of this instrument.


Black polished/ white polished/ Mahogany polished

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