Wendl & Lung W218

This beautifully-crafted concert grand, suitable for piano students or professional pianists alike, has the power to fill a small concert hall 


H 102 cm / W 153 cm / L 218 cm


350 kg


»   Rigorous selection of only the finest wood contributes to the richness of tone.

»   The double asymmetric crown, a new concept in soundboard technology, is designed to achieve great richness of tone color, an even response in all registers of the scale and stability of tuning.

»   Duplex and triplex scaling enriches the whole treble section.

»   The action has been designed according to strict scientific principles and is assembled with the greatest care to achieve the characteristic touch of the Wendl & Lung piano.

»   The efficiency of the action is optimized, giving the player a sense of control and certainty whether in the most delicate pianissimo playing or the most expressive forte.

»   A tropicalized laminated pin block provides great evenness in the tightness of the tuning pins, facilitating the work of the tuner.

»   The fallboard is provided with a child-proof soft-close system.

»   The wide casters allow the piano to be moved easily while conserving energy within the instrument.

»   The highest quality of finish down to the finest detail makes this an instrument beyond compare


Black polished/ white polished/ Mahogany polished