Wendl & Lung WL130D

Judging from its quality, tones, handfeel, cabinet design and price, W130 is the best in STANDARD series.


H 130 cm / W 151 cm / D 65 cm


»   The soundboard is made out of matured spruce wood embedded in a precisely glued back frame construction – creating a robust and durable instrument with a full, balanced and rich sound.

»   Precisely engineered soundboard embedded in a robust back frame construction – producing a distinctively sonorous and rich tone.

»   Climate-proof multi-laminated pin block – giving excellent long-term tuning stability.

»   Our distinctive Wendl & Lung piano action – allowing a precise and even touch.

»   The key frame and key bed are made of aluminum – resistant to change in temperature and humidity.

»   The keys consist of 17 laminated layers with an additional hardwood segment highly resistant to climatic fluctuations.

»   Extra large piano wheels – facilitating ease of movement.

»   The Wendl & Lung mute system– allowing discreet piano practice, even at night

»   Metal foot pedal plate – protecting the fine cabinet board around the pedals.


Black polished/ white polished/ Mahogany polished

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